Hebei Yuteng Cashmere Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuteng Cashmere) was established in 1996. It is located in the “China Cashmere Capital” and “China Cashmere Textile City” Qinghe County International Cashmere Science and Technology Park in Hebei Province. It covers an area of ​​160 mu and has registered capital. 50 million yuan. At present, it is a famous cashmere processing enterprise in Hebei Province; Yuteng Cashmere has separate raw material branches in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai and Liaoning, and the main raw materials are Inner Mongolia Alashan, Qinghai Haixi World Top Cashmere Mainly; the annual output of 2000 tons of cashmere, 190 tons of cashmere; scale, output value, efficiency and other comprehensive economic strength ranked in the forefront of the industry.


Yuteng Cashmere has established a long-term and stable acquisition relationship through the establishment of raw material acquisition bases in the main raw material producing areas and cooperation methods such as “company + large-scale farming” and “company + association + herders”; after years of cooperation and development, in pastoralists and The raw cashmere suppliers enjoy a high reputation, and in the case of changing market conditions, they can guarantee the procurement of the highest quality raw materials. Yuteng Cashmere has the internationally advanced cashmere combined carding and velvet worsted processing equipment, as well as imported sewage treatment equipment from Italy that meets European standards and has world-class technical level. In the aspect of production management, we strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system standards to continuously improve, improve production processes, strengthen environmental protection construction, reduce energy consumption, and achieve product quality to international standards.


Yuteng Cashmere's professional and independent quality inspection department is equipped with advanced cashmere content inspection microscope, OFD100 automatic fiber fineness meter, ALMETER automatic length meter, automatic whiteness meter and other testing instruments, together with mature and professional inspectors. Strictly implement various quality inspections to provide the best quality monitoring and guarantee for high quality cashmere products. Yuteng Cashmere Company has a certain scale of production plants, excellent production environment, advanced carding technology, mature management team and technical backbone staff with many years of work experience, rich production management experience, high speed development, high The quality of the product has established the image and reputation of Yuteng Cashmere. With good quality and excellent service, it has become the top cashmere enterprise in China and the main cashmere supplier in the international market.

Enterprise Honor: Yuteng cashmere has been taxed for the first time in the same industry in Hebei Province for 6 consecutive years, and has been rated as “Top 30 National Cashmere Industry” by China Animal Product Distribution Association. It has been rated as “Industry Leading Enterprise” and “Key Protected Enterprise” by the local government. "Taxpaying model enterprise." Yuteng Cashmere Company has been focusing on brand development strategy since its establishment more than twenty years ago: unswervingly follow the road of technological innovation, management informationization and sustainable development; develop high-end cashmere new products, maintain high-quality product quality, and constantly develop domestic and foreign In the market, the “Yuteng” brand has become the goal of high-end brand at home and abroad, providing customers with the most satisfactory products.